Meet Our 2016-17 Central Ontario District Team

Central Ontario's Team of Officers are a vibrant group of Optimists working hard to make this the best District in Optimism. They are here as a resource for you and to make our three Quarter Board meetings and annual District Conference the best they can be. 

Mac Rumble, Governor

Central Ontario's 2016-17 Governor

Denise Nacev, Secretary Treasurer

Central Ontario's 2016-17 Secretary-Treasurer and 2017-18 Secretary-Treasurer Elect

Tony Edge, Governor-Elect

Tony will be Central Ontario Governor in 2017-18.

Steve Gardonyi, Past Governor

Steve was Governor in 2015-16.

Mathew Nacev, JOI Governor

Mathew Nacev is the 2016-17 Junior Optimist Governor for Central Ontario.

Alex Ansell, Parliamentarian

Alex Ansell is our official Parliamentarian.

Our Team

These are the District Chairs for 2016-17. A list of all of the Zone Lieutenant Governors and Governors is available here,

Jim & Susan Lynge
Canadian Children's Optimist Foundation

Marijke Coffa
Oratorical Chair

Michelle Stokes
Essay Chair

Jeff Miller

Vicki Mains
Public Relations

Gary Hill
International Conference Ambassador

Jody Caperchione
Junior Optimist (JOI) Chair

Hospitality Chairs
Gord & Barb Holly

Brian Wick
Leadership Development

Tony Edge

Lauralee Reily

Dennis Kwasnicki
Junior Golf